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Media & Entertainment Law Society

The Fordham Media & Entertainment Law Society (MELS) is an organization that provides information and resources for students interested in areas of the law relating to film, music, publishing, art, theater, the internet and mass media. Each semester, we strive to provide the student body with the following ---
  1. Career Panels
  2. Networking Events
  3. Alumni Reachout
  4. Information regarding legal and industry events across New York City and throughout the United States.
  5. Information regarding job opportunities in media and entertainment law.
  6. A close working relationship with other organizations at Fordham, such as the Fordham Law Film Festival; Forum on Law, Culture and Society; Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal; Couture Counselor; Sports Law Forum, which provides students with the most comprehensive set of resources for information and opportunities in media and entertainment law.

Executive Board
Roger Cappucci - President
Stephen Dixon - Vice President
Daniel Sheerin - Webmaster
Laura Lagone - Secretary
Daniela Cassorla - Treasurer
Katelyn Patton - Panel Coordinator


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