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photo One of the many strengths of the Fordham Law School curriculum is its professional responsibility courses and seminars. This commitment reflects the Law School's dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession and its own ethical obligation to graduate students who are cognizant of the duties they owe to their clients, to the fair administration of justice, to nonclients, and to each other.

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As a prerequisite to graduation, all students must successfully complete one three-credit course in professional responsibility. Day students may satisfy the requirement in their second or third year. Evening students may satisfy it in their second, third, or fourth year.

Students selecting among the various courses and seminars should consider the areas of the law they find most intellectually stimulating or the areas in which they expect to practice for the first five years after graduation. However, students should not be reluctant to enroll in a contextualized course for fear that they ultimately might not practice in that area, for each offering explores the core issues in professional responsibility such as confidentiality, conflicts, the role of the lawyer in society, etc.

Note Regarding the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE):

Most states require the successful passage of the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) as a condition of admission to the bar. With the exception of Florida, the states will accept a passing grade earned on the MPRE prior to graduation from law school. The overwhelming majority of Fordham students take the MPRE in their second or third year. The Registrar's office has precise information on MPRE scheduling and format. While the content of our professional responsibility courses are not identical to the subject matters presently tested on the MPRE, they do assist students in preparing for that examination.

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