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Products Liability & Mass Torts

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 George Conk+  Howard M. Erichson Youngjae Lee  Benjamin Zipursky

+Adjunct Faculty

While first-year Torts touches upon Products Liability, that subject is now an enormous area in its own right. From litigation related to products such as tobacco, breast implants, asbestos and handguns, this subject area poses provocative questions and presents cutting-edge issues for consideration. In this area's constantly shifting legal landscape, students should establish a strong foundation in the major procedural and substantive issues that arise in product liability law and explore the ongoing controversies in the field related to class certification, settlement, the role of the medical and scientific communities, federal preemption, market-share liability and damage caps.

The Law School offers an upper level survey course in Products Liability, as well as more specialized courses including Food & Drug Law, Mass Torts Litigation and Complex Litigation. In addition, seminars such as Tort Theory and Class Actions provide the opportunity to focus on specific topics within the subject area in a small-group setting.

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