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 Abner S. Greene Hugh Hansen Andrew Sims

The issues considered in Media and Entertainment Law courses encompass core controversies in the modern legal landscape that arise in both traditional and emerging media outlets, from television to the internet, the theater to motion pictures. The Law School offers courses that consider issues such as the scope of the First Amendment, privacy concerns, and the intersection of the mass media and the framework for protecting trademarks and copyrights. This subject area includes broad survey courses as well as upper level electives in specialized topics such as Internet Law. In addition, several courses focus on the legal framework within a specific segment of the entertainment industry, such as music and sports.

Aside from taking survey courses and seminars specifically designed for their respective fields, students interested in pursuing careers in mass media law and/or entertainment law would be well-advised to develop expertise in three broad areas: (1) First Amendment law and theory; (2) Advanced Torts, specifically defamation, privacy, and publicity; and (3) Intellectual Property, specifically copyright and trademark law. The curricular emphasis of students interested in mass media law, but not entertainment law, or vice versa, would likely vary. For example, while a knowledge of advanced torts and intellectual property would be important in both fields, students who seek to specialize in mass media law might be more interested in courses honing their understanding of First Amendment theory, whereas students who seek to specialize in entertainment law may have greater need for training in taxation, securities regulation and deal negotiation.

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