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Legal Writing and Legal Research Program

Full-time Faculty

Rachel Vorspan Professor of Law & Director of Legal Writing Frederic Neustadt  Assistant Director of Legal Writing  Robert Nissenbaum Professor of Law & Director of the Leo T. Kissam Memorial Library

Legal Writing

Every student must take the required first year Legal Writing course and fulfill the upper level Writing Requirement.

Recognizing the fundamental importance of legal writing in the legal profession, Fordham also offers a wide variety of advanced Legal Writing electives. These courses offer students the opportunity to develop their written communication skills and to draft legal documents in a "workshop" environment. Virtually all the advanced Legal Writing courses are limited enrollment seminars capped at twelve students. Each advanced course is taught by an adjunct professor who is a specialist in the given field. None of the courses has any pre or co requisites with the exception of Commercial Drafting and Intellectual Property Drafting, although several of the advanced drafting courses recommend course work in the relevant substantive subject area.

There is no suggested sequencing. It is strongly recommended that students take at least one advanced Legal Writing elective prior to graduation. Students may enroll in only one advanced Legal Writing course each semester. With the exception of Public Interest Writing Seminar, none of the courses will satisfy the upper class Writing Requirement. Students should check the Fordham website for special rules on dropping advanced Legal Writing courses.

Legal Research

The Law School also offers advanced legal research courses that provide students with an understanding of the most efficient and cost-effective legal research tools and methods. The Advanced Legal Research Workshop includes lecture sessions, discussion, hands-on research work and exercises across a range of subject areas. Students may also elect to enroll in an advanced legal research course that focuses on research in a specific subject area, such as tax or copyright and trademark law, or in a course in New York State or foreign and international resources.

Upper Level Survey & Introductory Courses

Upper Level Courses in Specialized Topics (not all courses are offered every year)

Legal Writing

Legal Research