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Criminal Law and Procedure

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Cheryl Bader Daniel Capra  Deborah W. Denno James A. Cohen 
Bruce Green  Youngjae Lee  Maria Marcus  Michael W. Martin
John Pfaff Martha Rayner Ian Weinstein


Students seeking a systematic understanding of the criminal process should start by taking one or both of the two basic criminal procedural offerings: Criminal Procedure: Investigations explores the classic confrontations between citizens and the police, including searches, seizures, interrogations, and identifications; Criminal Procedure: Adjudication picks up when formal charges are brought, and explores the issues arising during the trial process (or, as is far more common, the plea bargaining process) and afterward - grand jury practice, discovery, jury selection, double jeopardy, and the right to effective counsel. Both of these courses are chiefly concerned with issues arising under the U.S. Constitution or federal law. Some of the same issues are covered from a state-law perspective in New York Criminal Procedure. In addition, the course in Evidence is highly recommended for all students, particularly those interested in pursuing careers in criminal justice.

Students interested in specific topics within criminal law, or those seeking to think more deeply about the issues of responsibility, culpability, and deterrence, may select from numerous seminars and specialized courses which focus on subjects including white-collar crime, juvenile justice, terrorism and ethics in criminal advocacy. The Advanced Criminal Law Seminar exposes students to outside academics in a "workshop" setting in which preeminent legal scholars present and discuss their current work. The Law School also offers several criminal law drafting courses and clinics which further allow students to gain the practical skills needed in a field that is practiced more "on one's feet" than most other areas.

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