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Constitutional Law & Government

Full-time Faculty

 Daniel Capra  Roger Goebel   Abner S. Greene  Tracy Higgins
 Robert Kaczorowski  James Kainen   Andrew Kent  Joseph Landau
 Thomas H. Lee  Robin A. Lenhardt   Catherine Powell  Aaron Saiger 
 Andrew Sims  Zephyr Teachout    

Understanding the scheme of government the Constitution establishes, the powers it confers, and the rights it protects, is fundamental to a legal education. Constitutional law issues arise in most areas of law, and, therefore, courses within this grouping will relate to the academic and professional interests of all students in some manner. Offerings include courses that focus on specific constitutional provisions, such as the First Amendment, courses exploring competing theories of constitutional interpretation and the proper scope of judicial review in our constitutional democracy, and courses that address the intersection of constitutional and statutory protections.

The basic course in Constitutional Law is required in the first-year for Day Division students and in the second-year for Evening Division students. Thereafter, students should select courses in this area on the basis of their interest in the subject matter.

Upper Level Courses in Specialized Topics

Related Subject Areas