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Civil Rights

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Sheila Foster Jennifer Gordon  Tanya Hernandez
Tracy Higgins Robin A. Lenhardt Kimani Paul-Emile

Courses in the Civil Rights subject area address the complex doctrinal and theoretical questions that implicate some of the most important legal and political issues being debated today. The area of civil rights law covers both statutory and constitutional law that protects individual civil and political rights. The Law School's offerings explore a range of topics and sources of law, including the Reconstruction amendments to the Constitution, the Voting Rights Act, anti-discrimination protections in areas such as housing and employment, and civil rights claims under section 1983 of the U.S. Code.

For those interested in pursuing a practice in civil rights law, the required course in Constitutional Law provides a basic foundation. After Constitutional Law, students may choose to enroll in an overview course, such as Antidiscrimination Law, as well as civil rights courses and seminars dealing with the policy issues relating to minority groups in a diverse and complex society.

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