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Robert Nissenbaum David Schmudde Donald Sharpe

In addition to the required course in Property taken by all students in their first year, the Law School offers a broad range of advanced property electives. These offerings fall into three areas introduced in the basic property course: wealth transmission, land use, and real estate.

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Courses within the area of wealth transmission cover the process by which property is transferred from generation to generation, including wills, trusts, estate planning and gift taxation. Students should first take the upper level courses in Decedents' Estates and Trusts. Decedents' Estates and Trusts are offered as separate courses, or as a single Trusts & Wills course that encompasses both subjects. Following these basic courses, students can enroll in the related course of Estate and Gift Taxation, and then Estate Planning. Students should consult the course schedule for restrictions and prerequisites for some of the courses listed below.

Courses within the area of land use focus on the public regulation of land use and development, such as zoning, eminent domain and regulatory takings, and housing and urban development.


Real estate courses may be roughly divided into residential and commercial real estate, although some courses cover subjects relevant to both.

Wealth Transmission

Land Use

Real Estate

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