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Registrar Chat Transcript, October 17, 2012, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Registrar Chat Transcript, October 17, 2012, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

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[4:53 PM] registrar: How are you this evening.  Do you have a question?
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[5:03 PM] 528: is there a way to find out which classes have exams versus papers
[5:03 PM] 528: other than checking the exam schedule
[5:04 PM] 528: and looking for syllabuses online
[5:04 PM] registrar: Sorry no.  Look at the exam schedule or course description on my.fordham
[5:05 PM] registrar: If a course is not listed on the exam schedule it is assumed to have a paper or takehome
[5:05 PM] 528: Is the exam schedule for spring 13 comple?
[5:05 PM] 528: inerms of the courses listed on there?
[5:05 PM] registrar: Or courses may have projects throughout the semester
[5:06 PM] registrar: As far as faculty have informed us it is complete
[5:07 PM] 528: where can I find the course description on my.fordham?
[5:07 PM] 528: I have just been looking at fordham's website
[5:07 PM] registrar: click on the course title on my.fordham
[5:08 PM] registrar: You should check my.fordham for most current info
[5:09 PM] 528: I see. but it doesn'tecessarily tell you whether a course has an exam , take home, or othe
[5:09 PM] 528: *otherwise
[5:10 PM] registrar: As stated if it is not on the exam schedule it is either a paper or take-home
[5:10 PM] registrar: You may inquire to the professor
[5:10 PM] 528: I see ok
[5:13 PM] 528: thank you!
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[5:13 PM] registrar: anything else?
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[5:17 PM] dell: I will be 3L second semester in spring 2013 and still have to get into prof ethics class -
[5:17 PM] dell: If I cannot get in on registration page, could I call registrar to get into one?
[5:18 PM] registrar: Since you register before 2L, you should not have a problem
[5:18 PM] dell: I was not able to get into any as 3L first sem, all locked out!
[5:18 PM] registrar: Make the Prof Respon your first selection when you begin registering at 7am
[5:18 PM] dell: will there be any bar prep classes available?
[5:19 PM] registrar: There is one #11957 Fundamentals of NY Law
[5:21 PM] dell: Jurisprudence w Prof Bonilla listed as 3 credit class but only shows two class hours?
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[5:23 PM] registrar: I will have to look into Prof Bonilla's class please email me later
[5:23 PM] dell: thank you
[5:24 PM] registrar: I am trying to see the details now
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[5:28 PM] john: why are all the tax related courses on Tuesday
[5:28 PM] john: they have conflicts with each other
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[5:30 PM] registrar: which tax classes are you referring to?
[5:31 PM] registrar: The tax classes are not all on tuesdays
[5:47 PM] registrar: Jurisprudence with Prof Bonilla is a 2 credit class meets 12:30=2:20 on wed
[5:48 PM] dell: thank you for clarification
[5:51 PM] registrar: can I help you with something else?
[5:52 PM] dell: Sorry, one more Q: fundamentals NY law is 2 credits but meets 3 class hrs?
[5:52 PM] registrar: Yes, that is correct
[5:53 PM] dell: thank you, no more Qs, thank you for chat
[5:53 PM] registrar: Good luck w registration
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[5:59 PM] registrar: does anyone have a question?
[6:00 PM] kck: When people take a clinic - is there a usual # of credits they take outside the clinic,
[6:00 PM] kck: given the clinics 12-15 hours of field work outside of the class time?
[6:01 PM] registrar: The in house clinics ar 5 credits in total (2 for seminar & 3 for fldwk)
[6:02 PM] registrar: That said, as a day student you may take up to an additional  11 credits max but
[6:02 PM] registrar: w. a clinic you must have a minimum of 7 additional credits
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[6:03 PM] registrar: minimum required credits is 12 in a semester for a day student
[6:03 PM] kck: Ok thank you
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[6:26 PM] registrar: Can I help anyone?
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