Global Finance

This seminar on Global Capital Markets will introduce students to cross-border capital formation and investment, emphasizing the interdependence of legal and economic issues in the area of international finance.  The course will examine different methods of investing internationally, including hedge funds and private equity funds as well as securitization and project finance, taking into account the business risks and legal and regulatory issues underlying each.  Region-specific considerations, relating to, for example, Asia and the Middle East, will be examined, and guest speakers working in international finance will be frequent visitors to ground the class in practical applications and strategy.  (joint law school and business school seminar)

OTHER:  The seminar will have a limited enrollment of 25, split between law students and graduate business school students.  Enrollment by permission only.  Students must Email the professors ( and and provide a statement of interest and CV, no later than noon, October 24th to the instructors for admission.

This course may be used to satisfy the writing requirement. Substantial research and writing will be required.

Credits: 3

Type: SEM