Fordham Law

Litigation Management For The International Lawyer

This course aims to provide students with an overview of the various stages of a United States litigation involving foreign parties including practical advice in how to manage the litigation spanning multiple jurisdictions.  At the outset of the course, students will presented with a fact pattern involving a foreign company being sued for a mass tort in the United States.  Students will take on the role of the law firm hired by the foreign company to handle this complex, multi-jurisdictional litigation.  The course will follow this litigation from the filing of complaints throughout the United States all the way through trial and appeal.  Specifically, students will learn and discuss issues such as jurisdiction, evidence, discovery (including e-discovery), class actions, and certain compliance issues.  Students will be presented with issues that arise at various stages of an American litigation and understand strategic considerations and techniques for managing these issues.  This course is intended for International L.L.M. students.
Credits: 3

Type: LEC