Labor, Migration, and Human Rights

This class will examine the intersection of labor rights, migration patterns, refugee law, multinational corporate liability, and human rights in the globalized world.  The course will begin with an examination of the main theories and concepts of international human rights as they apply to workers and international migration.  We will look at human trafficking, migrant workers, refugees, and corporate social responsibility in an interactive environment that will include speakers, films, and opportunities to participate.  The goal of the class is to provide students with a strong background in international human rights particularly as they apply to global workers and employers of various forms, as well as enable a deeper understanding of questions in the field.

The course is open to LLM and JD students. Students will be evaluated by their class participation and a written paper due at the end of the semester. The topic of the paper will be chosen by the student with instructor approval. The materials utilized in the class will be a mixture of original human rights treaties and texts, news reports, speakers, and films. 

Credits: 2

Type: SEM