Guantanamo: The First Ten Years

The course will examine the history of Guantanamo from its inception to the current day with an eye towards understanding both the political and legal significance of the detention facility. We will look at detention policies, interrogation practices, the habeas cases, and the military commissions during the Bush and Obama administrations.  This course will give students a survey of the Supreme Court decisions, Congressional legislation, executive orders and habeas decisions relevant to the policies of Gitmo. We will look at individual court cases, at the role of diplomacy, the factionalism of Washington politics, and the various executive decisions aimed at reforming or closing the camp, as well as at the changing international scene in an effort to provide context for understanding the role Guantanamo has played historically, legally and politically.  The class will follow the ongoing military commissions and will discuss the policy challenges that lie ahead in the post-Guantanamo era.

Credits: 2

Type: SEM