Entrepreneurship and the Law

This seminar examines how the legal landscape and legal structuring strategies shape entrepreneurial enterprises. The course explores the position of the entrepreneur in society, in the economy, and in our constitutional framework, in order to analyze the entrepreneur's fundamental legal needs. The seminar then surveys legal questions particular to start-ups, including strategies for structuring a business organization, financing, and protecting intellectual property. Throughout the course, students will analyze strategies for counseling entrepreneurial clients.

Objective: The overarching purpose of Entrepreneurship and the Law is to prepare students to meet the legal and regulatory challenges and opportunities they can expect to encounter as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and managers of private and public businesses. The course provides a conceptual framework for understanding both the societal context within which businesses are organized and operate, as well as the various legal tools available to managers engaged in evaluating and pursuing opportunities. The course will offer strategies and tactics for working with counsel to use the law as a positive force to increase realizable value while managing the attendant risks and keeping the legal costs under control.

Credits: 2

Type: SEM