Law & Neuroscience

This seminar examines a variety of cutting-edge, at times controversial, linkages between law and neuroscience, ranging from social and environmental influences on the brain and behavior to the interpretations of neuroimaging to the prediction of criminality and predispositions towards mental illnesses and addictions.  Students will learn how discoveries in neuroscience intersect with societal responses, legal decision-making, the punishment of criminals, and the development of innovative rehabilitation strategies.   The seminar’s primary format consists of a speakers series comprising some of the leading experts in the country – neuroscientists, psychologists, and medical researchers – who will come and discuss their work and research so that the class can interact with them directly by way of questions or commentary.  These discussions are aimed at helping students understand the neuroscientific basis for behavioral patterns that often have legal implications.  Each week’s reading material will be provided on the seminar’s TWEN site (there is no casebook or material to purchase). 
Credits: 3

Type: SEM