Fordham Law

Advanced Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure Seminar

This seminar examines a variety of cutting edge, at times controversial,  topics in criminal law and criminal procedure that typically cannot be covered in detail, if at all, in a first year criminal law course.   The topics range from decisions that judges must make during sentencing to the lengths and limits of prosecutorial discretion and defense practices, as well as academic arguments on truth, guilt, criminalization, and criminal liability.  Students will learn how discoveries in more specialized areas, such as racial justice, domestic violence, confessions, and drugs use, all reveal underlying doctrinal and practical problems in the criminal justice system.  The seminar’s primary format consists of a speakers series comprising some of the leading experts in the country – judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, academics, researchers – who will come and discuss cases, ideas, or their written work so that the class can interact with them directly by way of questions or commentary.  Each week’s reading material will be provided on the seminar’s TWEN site (described at the end of this syllabus).  There is no casebook or material to purchase.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM