Islamic Finance & Estate Planning

The course discusses formalities of Shariah compliant Islamic finance and estate planning in the US Courts. It will focus on the execution and distribution of assets. The course will also focus on Waqf (trust) as a vehicle for investment under Shariah financial structures. It will bring to light the existence of Islamic Finance and its viability in today‚Äôs market.  Studies will include a comprehensive analysis of various Shariah compliant legal and financial structures, such as Musharaka, Mudaraba, Istisna, Salam and derivatives. Special attention will be given to Sukuk transactions which have become a major tool for investment in major construction projects worlwide and a possible valuable element in the US financial and legal system.  
Course Requirements: Research Paper
Credits: 2

Additional information: The three textbooks below will be available at the bookstore. Other relevant reading material will be available on my Fordham web-page.   

Muhammad Taqi Usmani, An Introduction to Islamic Finance (1998)

Mahmoud A. El-Gamal, Islamic Finance: Law, Economics and Practice (2006)

Sohail S. Hussaini, The Laws of Inheritance in Islam (2008)