Conservation Law and Policy

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, natural habitat destruction, and the contamination of air, land, and water affect every person on earth today as well as future generations. Human activity, and our ever-increasing population and consumption, threaten to surpass the ecological limits of the earth. To effect positive changes regarding such conservation issues, individuals need more than an understanding of traditional tools and approaches to conservation of biodiversity. An understanding of the historical and existing legal, political, and regulatory framework in which conservation issues exist is required. This course provides an introduction to both legal and policy analyses and examines a wide range of laws, policies, regulations, treaties, and institutions designed to address local, national, and global conservation problems. Topics to be covered include protection of biodiversity (e.g., Endangered Species Act), regulatory approaches to pollution (e.g., Clean Air Act), and natural resource management (e.g., National Forest Management Act). Students will be challenged to think critically as they dissect the causes, complexities, and solutions of contemporary and interdisciplinary environmental, natural resource, and conservation challenges.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM

Is this course open to LL.M. students? Yes