Fashion Law and Finance

Product design, manufacture, distribution, and sales within the fashion industry are engaged in on a global level.  In order to fully and effectively manage a fashion company, it is necessary to implement a multinational strategy and to take advantage of the growing market.  This course intends to introduce many of the aspects of finance and taxation that both affect and influence the fashion industry.  The course will offer an introduction to subjects including corporations, federal taxation and international law all while exploring their unique effects on the fashion industry.  During the course of the semester, outside speakers may be brought in to relate their experiences in the industry and elaborate on topics we discuss in class.  Students do not need a background in finance or taxation as a prerequisite to taking this course and are encouraged to enroll so as to expand their knowledge of the fashion industry.

We will begin by creating a hypothetical case study of a small fashion company which wants to expand.  Initially it will need financing to get off the ground. Many years later it will be a global conglomerate. The course will walk through the evolutionary stages of a global fashion house.  Class attendance and preparation. Active class  participation is strongly encouraged.  Readings will be assigned weekly and you are expected to bring the assigned course materials to class. Your grade in this course will be predominantly evaluated based on a double spaced paper (25 pages) to be submitted at the end of the semester on a topic or combination of topics to be selected by you (after discussion).  Class participation is also important. 

Credits: 2

Type: SEM