Copyright, Trademark and Emerging Technologies

This is a drafting course that will focus on services that a “soft IP” litigator can provide for clients operating in the field of emerging technologies.  The class will focus on the ways technological advances will be used in television, marketing, advertising, video games, sports, parody, and music, and their impact on copyright, trademark, rights of publicity and privacy law.  There will be no substantive patent law, and a technology background is not necessary.

Most weeks, the class will have a guest "client" working in the field of emerging technology to propose a problem for which the students will draft a solution. Through these writing assignments, students will be exposed to the kinds of work product they will be expected to generate in the early parts of their careers in the field of copyright and trademark law. This will include drafting cease and desist letters, opinion letters, DMCA notices and subpoenas, and sections of briefs. 


Credits: 2

Type: SEM