Canon Law

This seminar will offer law school students a preliminary insight into the structure and internal law of the Roman Catholic Church. It will involve a study of the entire Code of Canon Law of the Latin-rite Church with some references to the Code of Law that governs the Eastern-rite Churches (e.g., the Greek, Maronite, Ruthenian and Ukrainian Catholic Churches).The seminar will begin with a basic history of the Church's development of ecclesiastical law. The Code of Canon Law will be studied in detail, with topics grouped into the following categories: General norms that govern Church law, including those affecting juridic persons (similar to civil corporations)The status and role of physical persons in the Church, their rights and duties, and an overview of the Church's fundamental hierarchical structure The Church's educational mission and structures The sacraments, particularly marriage Property and finances, including norms for alienation of property and for trusts and estates Procedural law, especially that governing marriage annulments Sanctions: the penal law governing delicts (Church crimes) and their punishment.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM