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What is Exam4?
A: Exam4 software is a word processing program that is used by students for in-class exams. The Exam4 website is used for the downloading and uploading of take-home exams.

Do I need to renew my Exam4 software?
A. Yes, student must register and download Exam4 every semester. Students will receive an email from to their Law School email address with instructions on how to obtain the new software by the registration deadline.
Please visit Information Technology for further information on Exam4 (

How do I install Exam4 to my laptop?
A: A few weeks before the final examination period, students will be sent an email from with instruction on how to download the program. The message will be sent to students' law school email ( Students must register by downloading the software from, and must complete and upload a 'Practice Exam' within the registration period. Please be advised that you will have to re-download the software each semester for the most current and secure version.
For further information, please visit the Fordham Law School Information Technology webpage (
Students who fail to satisfy this requirement must resort to blue book.

What is an Exam ID number?
A: Is a random 9-digit identification number with a leading 'E' (exam) that is used on exams in place of a name to ensure anonymity (do NOT use your student ID number which begins with an "A").

Until when is my examination ID number valid?
A: A new exam ID number is generated each Fall semester (you must use the same number in the Spring and Summer).

How do I obtain my exam ID number?
A: You may obtain your exam ID number on the webpage, by clicking on the Student tab and then opening the Banner Self-Service folder before selecting View Exam ID.  For detail instructions, please visit:


  • Take-home examinations will be available for download and upload on the Exam4 website- DO NOT use the Exam4 software to submit your answers
  • You MUST have your 9 digit exam ID number in order to download your exam
  • Do NOT write your name on the exam, you must use your exam ID number
When will take-home exams be available?
A. Take-home examinations will be available on the Exam4 website ( beginning Friday, July 18th at 9:00AM, unless professor(s) have a different availability.  All answers must be uploaded by the professor(s) deadline or Tuesday, July 29th at 1:00PM, whichever comes first. 
How much time do I have to complete my exam?
A. Once you download the exam, your answers will be due according to the time limitations provided by your professor. For example, if your professor is giving a 48 hour take-home exam, your answers must be uploaded to Exam4 website within 48 hours after you downloaded the exam.

When do I need to upload my answers?
A. Your professor may have established different deadlines on when the examination is accessible and when the answers are due. Please consult with your professor's instructions.

Is my exam time tracked?
A. The system tracks the day and time you download the exam and upload the answer.

Do I need to download the Exam4 software to take a take-home exam?
A. No, you download your exam and upload your answers via the Exam4 website (Exam4 software is only used for in class exams). For detailed instructions, please visit:
What programs can I use do upload my answers?
A. You must submit answers in a Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or as a pdf file to ensure any word, page limits etc. established by your professor. You may only upload ONE DOCUMENT.
What should I do if I cannot upload my exam?
A. If you experience technical difficulty, please contact the Law School's Help Desk at or 212-636-6786.

Can I write my name on the scantron form?
A. No. NEVER write your name on any exam including scantrons; you must only identify yourself by your Exam ID number.

How do I complete my scantron form?
A. You must have a #2 pencil (we will provide if needed). You must write your Instructor's name, Class, hour/day, then turn the form over and enter your exam ID number in the ID Number section make sure you fill-in the numbers (do not include the E only the numbers). You must also bubble in TEST FORM "A".




Image Scantron Do Not

What will I need to bring to the examination room?
A:  For in-class exams you will need your exam ID number, Fordham Law School photo ID card, laptop and your laptop charger (if you’re using the Exam4 software) or a pen if you are hand-writing your exam.  Depending on your professor’s exam instructions, you may bring your course materials if your exam is an open book exam.  Note: you may NOT access your desktop or files if you are using Exam4. Please  make sure to have hard copies of your notes. 

Are electronic devices allowed in the exam room?
A.  No. Cellular phones, PDAs, ipads, e-readers, or tablets will be allowed in the exam room.

What should I expect during the exam?
A:   Students are required to show up 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
⇒ You will have to show your Law School ID 
⇒  Sign in
⇒  Complete an Exam4 Confirmation Form 
⇒ If you need help with your laptop, IT techs will assist
⇒ During exam please write your examID# on your exam, scantron and scrap paper.
⇒ If during an exam, you have a laptop exam issue raise your hand and IT tech will assist you.  If the issue is not resolved within five (5) minutes, you MUST complete your exam in a Blue-book and will not be allowed to revert to the laptop format.  No extra time is given and no attempts to revert to laptop will be allowed

You are reminded that attempted or actual academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules of Examination, Grades, and Honor in our Academic regulations   ( -section XXIII. Rules Governing Examinations, Grades, & Honors). 

Exam Room Checklist  
Items allowed
⇒ Fordham Law School picture ID
⇒ Exam ID#
⇒ Laptop
⇒ Laptop power adapter
⇒ Pen
⇒ Pencil
⇒ Hard copies of your notes and course materials (if exam is open book)

Items NOT allowed
⇒ Cellular phones
⇒ Electronic dictionaries    
⇒ Ipad
⇒ Tablets
⇒ E-readers or Electronic devices                     


If you have exam related questions that are not answered here, or in our Academic Regulations, please contact Associate Registrar, Vanessa Garcia at