Video Game Law

This Seminar views the law extensively through the lens of the interactive entertainment or video game industry. From traditional Intellectual Property, contracts and licensing concerns to more esoteric areas like freedom of speech and governmental regulation, this class will deal with the various legal issues affecting video games. Students will study the legal foundations of the video game industry dating back to the 1960s and continue through the issues currently making news; from Pac-Man to Farmville. The current market for the video game and virtual world interactive media industry is expected to grow to over 40 billion in the next few years and video games hold title as the most valuable brands in entertainment. This class is designed for those who seek to understand how the law is being used and sometimes abused to meet the present and future needs of the growing video game industry. The Seminar will examine the practical importance of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and basic contract law and reflect throughout on the practical real-world applications of these concepts. As the course progresses into the modern interactive entertainment era, it explores the basic transactions necessary to fund these multi-year, multi-million dollar console and on-line games. This class will provide students with an understanding of the foundations of video game law and a forum to explore the ever-expanding and changing issues facing this cutting-edge area of practice. Industry speakers will also attend from time to time to add and share their real-world insights with the class. Students interested in IP, entertainment law, or a career in the game industry should consider this course. Each class will be a mixture of a lecture providing an overview of the legal and business concerns of the video game industry, as well as a lively class discussion of various issues and problems.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM