Law of Peace & State Building

"This seminar addresses how warfare and armed conflict is resolved by examining how international law on peace agreements and conflict resolution has developed and been applied in actual conflicts. The emerging lex pacificatoria (the law of peacemakers) addresses the evolution of peace agreements and their contribution to a substantive law on peace distinguishable from similar international law concepts. Also addressed is the international law associated with rebuilding after warfare, particularly where new governments, states, or borders are involved. The tension between peace-building and the Responsibility to Protect on the one hand, and state sovereignty on the other hand, will comprise a key discussion point of the course. Case studies based upon scholarly research are also a key component of the course, which will cover a variety of conflicts and instability in territories such as Cyprus, Northern Ireland, North Africa, Sudan, DRC, former Yugoslavia, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, and the Korean peninsula, to name a few.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM