Introduction to Judicial Clerkship

"This informal seminar examines the role of law clerks in the federal judiciary. State court and bankruptcy clerkships also may be discussed. The objectives are to familiarize students with law clerks? day-to-day duties and to prepare students to be effective clerks. Discussion topics include clerkship ethics, chambers and case management, effective writing and research techniques, working with case records, court governance, and the clerkship application process. We also review subjects that clerks encounter frequently?which may be unfamiliar to some students?such as the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, local rules and standing orders, federal subject matter and appellate jurisdiction, statutory interpretation and judicial methodologies, standards of review, jury instructions, verdict forms, and pro se litigation. The seminar grade is based on class participation and a 10-page bench memo assignment. Students shall review the briefs in a pending case before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and write their fictional judge a bench memo. Schedule permitting, we shall visit the Second Circuit to view oral arguments on the case and meet with federal judges. Additional information: The seminar is open to second and third-year students. Students who are considering applying for a clerkship, as well as students who have secured a clerkship position, are encouraged to enroll.This is a condensed semester 6 week course commencing at the strat of the semester.
Credits: 1

Type: CLN