Language of the Constitution

This seminar is designed to create a greater awareness and understanding of the Constitution, examining where the language of the Constitution comes from and what values were intended to be expressed insofar as can be ascertained. It focuses on the Constitution?s language, history, and creation. Primary sources, rather than cases, will be the material and emphasis of the class: English constitutional developments, colonial charters, early state constitutions, the Records of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the Ratifying Debates, the Federalist Papers, and the debates in early congresses. The step by step development of the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) forms a major part of the classes. Several modern issues will also be treated, for example: Security and Freedom, Succession, Continuity in Government, and Electoral Reform. There will also be several guest speakers during the Seminar.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? Yes