Fordham Law

Commercial Contract Drafting in the Financial Industry (LLM Only)

I.   Course Objectives
The course is designed to provide international LL.M. students with a basic understanding of commercial contract drafting in the U.S. financial market.  The course will review fundamental common law contract principles and will provide the foundational knowledge for the students to be able to draft the principal documents involved in secured lending, structured financing, and derivatives.  The course will also discuss contract drafting strategy so as to avoid litigation. The objective of the course is to give the student enough knowledge to be able to hit the ground running after obtaining their first legal position in the U.S. as a financial transactional lawyer after earning their LL.M. degree.
II.  Course Format and Procedures
The class will be a combination of lecture, class discussion, and negotiation workshop.  Students are expected and encouraged to participate.
III. Class Format
Each of the fourteen lectures will be divided as follows:
1.   Contract Drafting Techniques (1 hour)
2.   Financial Transaction subject matter (1.5 hours)
3.   Tips for the practicing financial lawyer new to the industry (5-10 mins)
4.   Ethics discussion for the newly practicing financial transactions lawyer (5-10 mins)
5.   Questions from class members (10 mins)

Notes: Please note that Professor Nakakuki will be scheduling a one-on-one meeting with each student at the beginning of the semester to obtain from each student his or her description of what they would like to learn in this class, a description of their career goals and what parts of the class most interests them (to customize the class to the students natural interests).  During the meeting, we will also be discussing the student's educational background and what they want to accomplish while in the U.S. (so that the class can be geared towards helping each student reach their goal).   A sign-up sheet for the one-on-one meetings will be distributed for you to choose your meeting time and date.

Credits: 3

Type: SEM