Clinical Externship: Street Law

Join a nation-wide Street Law initiative – the first in NYC! - to help disadvantaged high school students develop self-esteem, analytic and verbal skills, appreciation and understanding of the law, and interest in law-related fields of work. Work with public school teachers (some of whom are lawyers) and other educators, volunteer lawyers from the law firm of Hunton & Williams, and experts from the national “Street Law” program in Washington, D.C. The fieldwork and seminar components of the course are described below. Fieldwork (140 hours): Working with educators and lawyers, Street Law externs will teach and develop law-related programs for high school students at the NYC High School of Law, Advocacy and Community Justice (65th & Amsterdam). Specifically, Street Law externs will 1. with high school social studies teachers, co-teach law to public high school students as part of their social studies curriculum, and 2. develop law-related programs at the school, e.g., simulations, career panels, field trips to legal institutions, and other activities at its Community Justice Center. Seminar: Nation-wide Street Law experts, and volunteer attorneys from Hunton and Williams, will join faculty for seven two hours classes on substantive law, education theory and practice, and curriculum and program development.
Credits: 3 (Seminar 1, Fieldwork 2)

Type: CLN