Contract Law for LL.M. Students

This course will cover the same basic material presented in the regular first-year course in contract law. The treatment of the material will take into account the prior study of contract law by the participants, and the substantive emphasis will be on topics relevant to international practice. The class will use a standard US casebook, because another goal of the class will be to illustrate in some detail through the contract material the method by which our courts have elaborated our present rules of contract law, as well as the way that law has been learned by American lawyers. Particular attention will be paid to the interaction between statutory and case law rules in contemporary practice. Work during the semester will include a series of projects, including some drafting or redrafting of contract provisions connected with cases read as part of class work, as well as some short legal memos. Credit will require completion of these projects and taking a Take-home exam. This course does not satisfy the writing requirement.
Credits: 3

Type: SEM