Business Bankruptcy

This is designed to be a basic Business Bankruptcy course for students who have not previously taken a bankruptcy course at Fordham. It will consider issues that arise in Chapter 7 liquidations as well as Chapter 11 reorganizations but put particular emphasis on restructuring and reorganization under Chapter 11. The course will deal with the filing of a proceeding; administration of the case and the appointment of professionals; the automatic stay; financing of the proceeding; use, sale or lease of property of the estate; claims of the estate and against the estate; and distributions in Chapter 7 and plan formulation, vote solicitation and plan confirmation in Chapter 11. Cross-border issues and ancillary proceedings will also be considered briefly.
Credits: 2

Type: LEC

Enrollment Cap: 25

Additional information: This course will not be open to students who have taken the courses in Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Reorganization in Bankruptcy or International Insolvency.