Copyright Litigation

In this course students are given a detailed hypothetical, usually in the field of literary property or the visual arts, and are asked to draft various court papers in a copyright infringement litigation.  The first classes deal with certain pre-litigation issues, such as defining what actions are "arising under" copyright law, registration requirements, and the statute of limitations.  Students are then asked to draft a copyright infringement Complaint based on the hypothetical.  In subsequent classes students are asked to draft an Answer to the Complaint, a Document Request, a set of questions for use at the oral deposition of a witness, and possibly other court papers.  Students will be provided with examples from actual copyright infringement lawsuits.  The drafts will be circulated in advance of the class and will be discussed at the class.    The course seeks to develop the skills needed to draft effective court papers in a copyright infringement lawsuit.
Credits: 2

Type: LEC