State Constitutional Law

The course on State Constitutional Law will examine state constitutions in general and the New York State Constitution in particular. The course will compare some of the major provisions common to state constitutions as well as some of the major differences.

The portion of the course dealing with the New York State Constitution will include the following:
  1. The original New York State Constitution and its development into the present Constitution;
  2. The Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the treatment of criminal defendants;
  3. The Education Article, including public school financing;
  4. Property, including eminent domain and zoning;
  5. Native American rights, including gambling and tobacco sales;
  6. Voting rights.
Some of the themes and issues that will be explored are the allocation of power within the branches of government in New York, possible differences in methods of interpreting the New York State and Federal Constitutions, the effect of incorporating the federal Bill of Rights into State law, and the effect of federalism on the New York State Constitution.
Credits: 2

Type: LEC

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? No

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? No

Enrollment Cap: 20

Does this course have a waitlist? No