Comparative Constitutional Law

This course will examine constitutional developments in South Africa, including and following upon that country's transition to a constitutional state in 1994. It will focus mainly on adjudications under the Bill of Rights and the bearing of those adjudications on the wider development of South African law and legal (especially judicial) institutions. Reflective comparison with constitutional law in other countries, especially the United States, will be a constant expectation in the course. Topics will include protections of civil liberties, equality and affirmative action, the positive or protective duties of the state (including socioeconomic rights), and the bearing of the Bill of Rights on law governing relations to which the government is not a party (the questions of "state action" or "horizontal effect").
Credits: 2

Type: SEM

Does this course satisfy the writing requirement? Yes

Does this course satisfy the skills requirement? No

Enrollment Cap: 20

Does this course have a waitlist? No