European Union Business and Trade Law

Seminar on rules for the attainment of an internal market and their external trade effect. Topics are selected from the following; harmonization of laws programs and the doctrines of direct effect, preemption and subsidiarity; the right of establishment and freedom to provide transborder services; rights of practice of lawyers and other professionals; harmonization of Company law, including the capital, merger and accounting directives, and draft proposals for shareholder protection and takeover rules; harmonization of regulation of securities and stock markets; harmonization of bank regulatory rules to enable universal transborder banking;harmonization of insurance and tax law; free movement of capital and progress toward an economic and monetary union with a central bank and single currency; social policy; including worker consultation and equal treatment of women in the workplace; consumer interest legislation, particularly the unfair contract terms directive; environmental protection and pollution control; trade relations with the US, especially within GATT; customs regulation and trade protection, especially anti-dumping rules.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM