Clinical Externship: Family and Child Advocacy

To earn credit, externs will participate in both 140 hours of fieldwork and a seminar which meets seven times during the semester.

Fieldwork (140 hours): Law student externs will work at legal services offices, multi-service organizations, or government agencies at which lawyers and social workers work collaboratively to advocate for families and/or children. Areas of practice may include: child protection, domestic violence, juvenile justice.

Seminar (meets seven times): This interdisciplinary seminar of law and graduate social work students is a forum for students to critically examine the interdisciplinary nature of their externship experience. Through the seminar, students will explore the roles of lawyers and social workers, learn about models of interdisciplinary collaboration, and discuss family law, family court practice, and ethical issues that result from interdisciplinary collaboration. Student presentations and short reading and writing assignments are required.
Credits: 3 (Seminar 1, Fieldwork 2)

Type: CLN