Urban Land Use Law

The 20th Century was the century of urbanization, ushering in a massive reorganization of the nation's population. The increasing urbanization has brought with it a number of environmental and land use challenges such as urban sprawl, persistent racial and class housing segregation, and a host of issues around redevelopment and planning in cities. This seminar will examine the legal, economic, and political forces that have shaped American metropolitan areas with particular attention to the policies that have shaped American cities. The seminar will begin with an historical overview of development and land use policies in cities. We will then examine the interaction among urban redevelopment policies, environmental laws, and local land use decisions in creating and potentially addressing our most pressing urban challenges. Throughout the course we will also explore various policy initiatives designed to achieve a host of "livability" and "sustainability" goals in urban areas. These include brownfield redevelopment, smart growth, and environmental justice, among others. In addition to the legal literature in this field, students will read widely in the urban planning and policy literature.
Credits: 2

Type: SEM