Environmental Law Advocates

ELA logoThe state of our environment is becoming more dire by the minute - conservation, preservation and sustainability become ever more critical. We have the responsibility to work through the law towards preserving and rehabilitating the health of the planet on which we depend. The aim of this organization is, therefore, to provide students at Fordham University School of Law with an opportunity to become involved with issues of environmental concern both on- and off-campus. Our goals are to provide students with an opportunity for activism in a legal capacity, to educate the Fordham community with regard to pressing environmental issues, to provide students with enjoyable activities that expose them to the natural world, and to create a forum that will meet the evolving needs and interests of the students this organization serves.

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Fordham Environmental Law Advocactes at Sea of People, April 14, 2007, part of National Day of Climate Action. The event in Manhattan was one of over 1400 around the country urging Congress to "Step It Up" and Cut Carbon 80% by 2050.

2010-11 Board of Directors

  • Kelsey Ripper (2L)
  • Lee Van Put (2L)
  • Stephanie Xethalis (2L)
  • Michael Zimmerman (2L)

Faculty Advisor:  Paolo Galizzi
Telephone:  212.636.6952