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Fordham Law School Ranks Fifth for Placement at Top Paying Firms

May 23, 2006

The business of law is booming and few law schools are better than Fordham Law School when it comes to placing graduates at the most successful firms. An analysis of the recently released AmLaw 100 shows that Fordham ranks fifth in number of graduates at the 30 firms with the highest average partner compensation. The only law schools ahead of Fordham are Harvard, NYU, Columbia and Georgetown.

"We are pleased to rank in the top five," said William Treanor, the Dean of Fordham Law School. "We focus our education on practicing the law as well as knowing the law, so firms have come to realize that our graduates are prepared to work effectively right from the start. And our location in Manhattan within walking distance of many of the country's elite firms assures that there are exceptional opportunities available for students."

Fordham Law School compiled the rankings from the 2006 AmLaw 100 released in the May issue of American Lawyer and Martindale-Hubbell listings.

Attorney Representation by Law School at Top 30 AmLaw 100 Firms Ranked by Average Partner Compensation

 Rank  Law School  No. of Attys.
 1  Harvard  1844
 2  NYU  1705
 3  Columbia  1597
 4  Georgetown  907
 5  Fordham  679
 6  Pennsylvania  670
 7  Yale  651
 8  Chicago  574
 9  Michigan  548
 10  Virginia  516


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