Fordham Law

Law School Fundraising Surpasses $20 Million Mark

June 30, 2006

Fordham Law School announced today a record-breaking $20 million in fundraising as the fiscal year draws to a close.

The unparalleled fundraising success has come during the Law School's Centennial celebration year.  Dean William Michael Treanor credited the School's alumni base of more than 15,000 for their dedication to the mission of the School.

"As we cross this $20 million threshold today, it is clear that we have laid the foundation for Fordham Law's second century," Treanor said. "Without the superb efforts of our most dedicated alumni, outstanding faculty, and staff, this mark would never have been achieved."

Fordham's upswing in fundraising was spearheaded by Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement and Assistant Vice President for External Affairs Julie Lucas.  In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2005, $6.9 million had been raised, just under one-third of this year's total.  FY 2004 fundraising totaled $4.2 million.

Through the generosity of alumni, the law school has established six new academic chairs this year, a feat virtually unprecedented in legal academia. In addition, 82 alumni and friends have committed at the Centennial Founder level, making a gift of at least $100,000 toward the future of the School.

Lucas said the alumni leadership has built the foundation for the success both of this fundraising year and for the ongoing growth of the School.

"Fordham has an amazing group of alumni leaders whose commitment to their alma mater is incredible," Lucas said. "As some of the best and brightest attorneys in the nation, they have shared their leadership and vision with Fordham Law, and we are so grateful for their energy and commitment to the mission of this exceptional law school."