Fordham Law

Former Visting Scholar Named Israeli Minister of Justice

February 08, 2007

A former Fordham Law visiting scholar has just been named as the Israeli Cabinet's justice minister.

Daniel Friedman was confirmed Wednesday by the Knesset as minister of justice. Friedman was a visiting scholar at Fordham Law from 2002-2003. He also was a founder and dean of the College of Management Law School in Israel, served as dean of Tel Aviv University's law school, and received the prestigious Israel Prize in jurisprudence in 1991.

"Professor Friedmann is a scholar of the greatest eminence. It was wonderful to have him as a member of our community," said William Michael Treanor, dean of Fordham Law School.

Friedman was also instrumental in developing the Law School's relationship with the College of Management Law School. Fordham sends up to five students each year to Oxford and London to take an intensive course organized by the College of Management Law School.