Fordham Law

Professor Abner Greene Named to Manning Chair of Law

January 22, 2008

Fordham Law is pleased to announce the appointment of Abner Greene to the Leonard F. Manning Distinguished Professorship of Law, an honor bestowed to outstanding faculty members in memory of constitutional law scholar and Fordham Law Review faculty advisor Len Manning.

"Abner's extraordinary merits as a scholar, teacher, and colleague are well known," said Dean and Paul Fuller Chair of Law William Michael Treanor. "His teaching is superb, and his service to the community has been both selfless and invaluable."

Professor Greene was teacher of the year in 2002. In 2001, he authored the book Understanding the 2000 Election: A Guide to the Legal Battles that Decided the Presidency (2001, NYU Press), an analysis of the legal issues arising during the Florida phase of the 2000 Election. His publications have had a broad and important influence on constitutional law and have been published in such journals as the law reviews of Columbia, Fordham, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, the University of Chicago, and Yale. In particular, his writings on the First Amendment – both religion and speech – have been widely cited and discussed.
Dean Treanor said that it was fitting for Professor Greene to hold a chair that honors the memory of Len Manning, since both served as Moderators for the Fordham Law Review and earned the praise of students and colleagues alike.

"Abner's career at the Law School embodies the commitment to academic excellence, the dedication to education, and the spirit of helping others that are the Law School's highest ideals," Treanor said.

The chair was created in honor of Cameron Professor Leonard F. Manning, a member of the Fordham Law Faculty from 1948 until his death in 1983. Manning was a constitutional law scholar and for almost thirty years he served as faculty advisor to the Fordham Law Review.

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