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International Scholars from Ten Countries Visit Fordham Law

September 21, 2007

Over 25 international visitors, representing 10 countries, are in residence at Fordham Law during the fall 2007 term, a substantial increase over prior years and an all-time high for Fordham Law.

The almost 30 Visiting Scholars and Research Fellows will take part in Fordham Law classes, engage with Fordham students and faculty, and utilize Fordham's extensive library to study specific areas of law.

Visitors Seonhwa Kim, a Lecturer at Ewha Women University and Catholic University (Korea), and Andre Ramos Tavares, a Professor at Catholic University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) focus their studies on Constitutional Law. The two have utilized Fordham's library resources to compare U.S. laws to those of their own country; and Kim audited a course on the topic during the summer.

"It is important to know about [America's] judicial system," said Tavares, "to bring information back to Brazil."

Some of the scholars will continue to study at Fordham Law for a period of one to two years, while others will return home after a few months. This semester's group hails from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, P.R. China, Switzerland, and Taiwan; they include eight judges, seven Ph.D. and post-doctorate international degree-seeking students, two senior prosecutors, a patent officer, a United Nations director, and several attorneys.

"Fordham Law provides an academic home for international visitors to pursue their research," said Toni M. Fine, Assistant Dean for International and Non-J.D. Programs, "it is a wonderful opportunity for scholars from around the world to meet with colleagues in their fields of specialization, learn about U.S. Law from auditing our classes, and gain hands-on experience by participating in events on and around campus."

"Fordham is especially supportive and enthusiastic to help," said Kim, "it is very great to be [at Fordham] to meet other visitors and take classes with students."

One of the highlights of Fordham's Visiting Scholars program is a seminar hosted by Assistant Dean Fine which allows the international visitors to meet one another, learn about the research of their peers, and to familiarize themselves with Fordham’s faculty, facilities, and academic programs.

"The orientation for visiting scholars has become a tradition." Fine said. "These meetings allow the Law School to truly develop a relationship with each of our guests and become engaged in their work."

Those interested in the visiting scholars program and/or international research fellowships should contactToni M. Fine, Assistant Dean for International and Non-J.D. Programs. For more info, go to the Programs For Visitors page in the International Programs section of the Fordham Law website.