Fordham Law

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Matthew Diller Returns to Faculty

July 02, 2008

(July 2)  Today, Professor Matthew Diller stepped down from the post of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs after five years of service.  According to Dean William Treanor, “Matt has been, to put it simply, a great Associate Dean.  His contributions to our community have been of incalculable importance and have touched literally every aspect of life at the law school.”  He will be replaced by Shelia Foster, Albert A. Walsh Professor of Law and a Co-Director of Fordham’s Louis Stein Center for Law & Ethics.

One of the first issues Professor Diller addressed when he became Dean was a registration process plagued by long lines and unhappy students.  “While I don’t know if any student in any school is completely satisfied with their registration experience, the shift to greater reliance on the Web for academic information has been a big step forward," he said.  Professor Diller also cited the expansion of the School's international programs as one of the most important developments at the Law School over the past five years.

Asked what he found most satisfying about his administrative work, he was quick to reply, “Seeing the faculty develop.  The School brought in a wave of new faculty in every category, entry level, laterals, and Visiting Assistant Professors.  It’s tremendously rewarding to watch these talented people launch their careers or bring them to the next level.  The faculty hired over the past five or six years have brought a new burst of energy to the School.” 

Professor Diller leaves the office with a new appreciation for those who work in the law school’s administration.  “I have always recognized the talents of our faculty and students, because I worked with them.  What I now know is that the School is fortunate to have an extraordinarily talented, caring and hard working core of administrators.  Their work shapes the School in countless ways," he noted.  “Chief among them is Dean Treanor who is a true academic visionary and who works every day to make Fordham Law a supportive place for students, staff, and faculty.”

Professor Diller cites more time with students and more time for research and writing as the two strongest motivations for returning to the faculty.  A Co-Director of the Stein Center, he is especially excited about developing a new course, Governance and Regulation in Competitive Perspective, with Professor Grainne de Burca.  The course will examine how modern methods of governance, regulation, and administration are evolving.