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Fordham Law School Announces New January 2009 Start for LL.M. Programs

September 02, 2008

Fordham Law School will now accept applications to begin its LL.M. program in January 2009, in addition to its regular August start.  This is the first time that Fordham Law School has made it possible for LL.M. students to begin their studies in January.

Toni M. Fine, Assistant Dean for International and Non-JD Programs, said that "with the growing popularity of our Master of Laws program, we wanted to give LL.M. candidates the added flexibility of beginning their program in January."

LL.M. students may enroll full time or part time.  Full-time students who commence their studies in January 2009 will complete their program in December 2009.  Part-time students have up to three years to complete their degree requirements. 

Students may apply to enroll in any of the LL.M. programs currently offered at Fordham: Banking, Corporate, and Finance Law; Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law; International Business and Trade Law; and International Law and Justice.

Information about the Law School's Master of Laws program is available at

Questions about admission to the program in January may be directed to Assistant Dean Fine at

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