Fordham Law

Fordham Law Film Festival Continues with "The Confession," "Philadelphia," and "Adam's Rib"

October 16, 2008

The Forum on Law, Culture & Society continues Fordham Law's 3rd Annual Film Festival with three more nights of film and post-screening discussions with special guests.

The remaining films in the series are as follows:

The Confession
With guest David Black, the film's screenwriter.
Tuesday, 10/21, 7:00pm, McNally Amphitheatre

With entertainment writer Mark Harris and arts professor Alisa Solomon.
Wednesday, 10/22, 7:00pm, McNally Amphitheatre

Adam's Rib
With author and critic Molly Haskell and film reviewer Daniel M. Kimmel.
Thursday, 10/23, 7:30pm, McNally Amphitheatre

“The Festival offers a unique setting for New Yorkers to discuss the always alluring ways in which the legal system is portrayed through feature films and documentaries, and how various themes of justice and injustice continue to inspire the artistic imagination and resonate throughout the broader culture,” said Thane Rosenbaum, who directs the Forum and is the John Whelan Distinguished Lecturer in Law at Fordham Law School.

The Film Festival is supported by HBO, and this year's festival began with screenings of HBO Films' Recount, Lenny, and The Paper Chase. All films and post-screening discussions are free and open to the public.