Fordham Law

John F. Pfaff Awarded Competitive Research Grant from University of Chicago

October 17, 2008

Fordham Law School today announced that John F. Pfaff, PhD, Associate Professor, was awarded a two-year research grant funded by the Arete Initiative of the University of Chicago and the John Templeton Foundation. The recently established Arete Initiative awarded twenty grants to scholars who have received their PhDs within the past decade from across all disciplines. Over 600 applicants applied for the competitive grant process, in which the applicants had to define how their research agendas would further the study of wisdom.

Professor Pfaff commented, "I am extremely fortunate to have been selected for the inaugural group of recipients of the Arete Initiative Defining Wisdom Grant. Although the scope of possible study is very broad, I plan to focus on the specific question of how bodies of scientific knowledge are treated in the U.S. court system.  In this way, I hope to develop a methodology for synthesizing empirical research that will address the practical need for clarity in evidence that currently confronts our court system."

William Treanor, Dean of Fordham Law School, said, "It is a great honor for Professor Pfaff to have received this prestigious grant. His dedication to scholarly research is truly outstanding, and I am confident that his contributions in the area of wisdom will be both insightful and impactful.  Professor Pfaff exemplifies the high standards of academic inquiry espoused by the Fordham faculty that benefit not only our institution but the entire legal community."