Post-Fashion Law Institute 2012 Symposium

Fashion Law Institute in Disciples of Haute (blog), April 23, 2012

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After attending Friday’s ‘Fashion = Art + Commerce’ conference at Fordham Law School, I felt like Daphne Guinness pictured above lol. While I was more modestly dressed, the day was a whirlwind of fashion business talk, discussions on legal and regulatory issues in the industry, international trade and commerce, with a side of fashionista fanfare (LITERALLY, as the event closed with an all out FASHION SHOW)!

The Fashion Law Institute’s 2nd annual symposium brought together attorneys, designers, business executives, law students, models, bloggers, and photographers to confer on the future of the American fashion industry, the impact of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) on international fashion commerce, as well as brand protection and intellectual property, among other topics.

The four panel discussions were:
1) “IPO, Yes or No?”
2) “Beyond Whac-a-Mole: New Initiatives in Intellectual Property Enforcement”
3) “BRIColage: Emerging Patterns in Fashion and International Trade”, and
4) “ADmonishments: Where Fashion Law and Advertising Meet”

The day ended with a fabulous closing reception/conversation with NYC-based designer, Yeohlee Teng. She also presented her Spring 2012 collection (which was completely my aesthetic) lol.