Tiffany even behind the Louboutin red soled shoes

Susan Scafidi in Artiklar, October 31, 2011

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Tiffany Co Outlet on Tuesday issued a statement expressing support for christian Louboutin red soled shoes case appeal before the Court rejected the christian Louboutin red soled shoes trademark infringement litigation, that is not christian Louboutin red soled shoes brand exclusive.

Tiffany’s statement explained its view: ”The unique colors can be used as trademarks,” and the International Trademark Association also issued a statement on Monday to support Louboutin’s appeal.

Louboutin brand’s lawyer Harley Lewin said: ”We are very pleased to support our brands Tiffany, Tiffany not only share our complaints, and issued a strong argument, and said before the trial results should be revoked.”

In April, when, Louboutin complaint Yves Saint Laurent brand exclusive use Louboutin red soled shoes design, asking the court to sentence YSL brand to cease all sales, but in August, Judge Victor Marrero rejected the complaint, and the question Louboutin’s trademark red-soled shoes right, that color should not be monopolized.

Fashion from the Fordham University law department director Susan Scafidi says: ”Tiffany support Louboutin’s approach is understandable, if Louboutin’s case lost, then Tiffany will also be worried that their unique blue will be deprived of trade marks.”

Tiffany in 1998 as the brand’s unique registered trademark blue patent Louboutin lost if it is likely to also affect the Tiffany patent.