Assistant Dean Toni M. Fine Awarded Brazilian Medal

August 24, 2011

Toni M. Fine, Assistant Dean of International and Non-J.D. Programs, received the Medal of Judicial Merit from the president of the Supreme Court of Pernambuco, a northeastern state in Brazil, during a recent two-week visit to the country.
 Toni M. Fine at Brazilian award ceremony
Toni M. Fine at the award ceremony with the President of the Supreme Court of Pernambuco, Desembargador José Fernandes de Lemos

Fine was awarded the medal, officially called the Mérito Judiciário Desembargador Joaquim Nunes Machado, in Recife, the state's capital, where she also received a plaque of commendation from the Escola da Magistratura de Pernambuco (ESMAPE), the judges' training school in Pernambuco.

In addition to these honors, Fine gave classes and lectures at a number of institutions throughout Brazil, including Escola dos Magistrados da Justica Federal, a training school for federal judges in Sao Paulo; Centro Cultural da Justica Federal, a federal judicial cultural center in Rio de Janeiro; Faculdade Boa Viagem in Recife; University of Paraná in Curitiba, and Fundacao Escola Superior do MPDFT, a prosecutor school in Brasilia. Fine also met with numerous judges, law professors, and lawyers.

"I am honored to have received the Medal of Judicial Merit from our Brazilian friends," said Fine. "Fordham Law has enjoyed a close relationship with the legal community in Brazil, and I hope my recent visit will result in further collaboration between the Law School and the Brazilian judiciary and legal education institutions."

Fine's trip follows the publication in Brazil of a Portuguese translation of her book An Introduction to the Anglo-American Legal System. The publication of the book was organized by Eduardo Appio, a federal judge in Brazil and former Visiting Scholar at Fordham Law. The translation was done by Professor Eduardo Saldanha, also a former Visiting Scholar at Fordham Law.